Whole-of-life policies payout a lump sum when you die, whenever that is. The size of the payout depends on your policy. With some policies, you can stop paying once you reach a certain age, but with others you have to make monthly or annual payments right up until you die. If you set up your policy in a trust, payment will be made to the trustees to distribute to the beneficiaries of that trust.

A whole-of-life policy may be for you if:

  • you want the chance to earn a higher payout for your dependents by linking life assurance with investing
  • you understand that payouts depend on your investment’s performance
  • you understand that charges will reduce your policy’s value

Some whole life insurance policies only give you life assurance, while others are linked to an investment. If you’re looking for investment growth to increase how much is paid out when you die, policies are available that are investment-linked.

It is important to note that with a whole of life policy linked to an investment you should fully understand all risks and benefits connected with this type of policy. Please refer to the specific brochures on that policy if necessary.

A whole-of-life policy is designed to pay out on death or on an agreed date. If you decide to surrender the policy you will receive the value of the fund less any penalties/charges applied, which may be considerably smaller than the amount paid in premiums.

Please note that whilst Alliance Partnership can help you identify the type of funds that you may wish to invest in, we can not recommend any specific funds directly. For help with investments please seek the advice of an investment adviser.

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